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On The First Moon of Winter or On The New Access Point

Pic thanks to Prescott! You spent the past 3 days re-editing and re-writing the code for the WeedyConnection online extravaganza. It was long overdue, many parts of the virtual presence of this project were obscurated by other parts or, even … Continue reading

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On The Nature of Online Art

You’ve been reading, browsing through other’s tags and even making a delicious tags page. In the process you came across a whole lot of great links from Bilateral, one of which took you out for an interesting spin: … Continue reading

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On the Rain Coming, Gardens of Mother-of-Millions and week-end’s readings

The rain is here -according to age old peasant knowledge from the other side of the world- should stay for a few more days, at least untill saturday the 14th, when the moon cicle will start again. This is if … Continue reading

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On Weed Radio: Enemy or Ally?

Captain Cook metaphorically releasing a Pigeon in Sydney’s hide park: The ABC program, Weeds: Enemy or ally was good, and predictable at the same time. This blog heard all of those arguments before, the one criminalising botanical species, and the … Continue reading

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