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  1. Lucas says:

    i like the sound of these “controlled experiments”. so, what grew?

    what was the bonsai for?

  2. Sam H says:

    I went pass this a few weeks ago . I loved it. Congrats… I wish I had more time to contact you and chat…

    Will have some more blog activity very soon..

  3. info says:

    yes, sorry it took so long to answer you both.
    re. sam, yes, let’s talk, do something together, got ideas?

    -in the cabinet filled with dirt from my garden grew what was already in the soil, by the time of the show i could only identify a few sproutings of Parietaria Judaica, Ashma weed.
    -the planter was filled with sterile soil and left to the environment 4 three months. i could positevely recognize only Bidens pilosa, cobblers pegs.
    -the bonsai starter was Celtis sinensis, chineese celtis,a declared noxious weed in sydney.

  4. Bruce McMillan says:

    The selection committee praised the quality of the whole show and described Mr Bonetto’s winning entry as, ‘a visual synopsis of a longstanding investigation of non-indigenous plants within Australia’.

    “Bonetto’s work is a barometer of our times, exploring nature, fragility, sustainability and how we integrate ourselves in the natural environment. The work is particularly apt at this point of time with what is going on ecologically, economically and politically,” the committee noted…

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the Citadel of Art.

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