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  1. steffyc says:

    congratulations o weedy one.

    i was thinking of you when i went to the daintree. this guy was explaining why it was world heritage listed and apparantly it’s one of the only areas in Australia where this type of rainforest exists without being infiltrated by eucalyptus.

    so, our symbolic national plant is considered a weed in our world heritage rainforest. fancy that.

    x stef

  2. info says:

    Tim Low in his book ‘New Nature’ writes:
    “we are imprisoned by a paradox. Wilderness is supposed to be the one environment we let alone and don’t manipulate, but manipulate we must”.
    And then a bit further he quotes David Cole, wilderness biologist:
    “all wilderness ecosystems would be artificial construct to some extent-conscious reconstructions of what humans think is natural”
    Thanks Stef for passing by.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Luca says:

    hey dieg
    david attenborough.
    i have been watching his tv shows, i really enjoy them, but the weird thing is, there is never any sign of humans. it’s like he has constructed this completely fictional virtual world in which humans don’t exist, and animals get to fight out their battles in the balanced way they always have.
    this is strange. why do you think he does this?

  4. info says:

    I think is related to the romanticising of the natural environment: humans as guardians of garden of eden.
    It brings forward the feeling of custodianship where we, as a superior species, look after animals and their own landscapes.
    yet, unfortunately, deleting humans from the picture does not provide an honest portrait of earth and the ecosystem all living things share.
    Nice questions lucas, I will ponder on it further.

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