you changed location


this is what you did in the gallery space..punk art.
as your work was in a pocket PC in the form of a game, you didnt want to hide all of the accumulated hours of work spent on this table to make it work, so decided to collapse the table, secure the elements and leave it as testimony of process..
over stating it?
fellow residents love it thou.
your ‘piling system’ of stuff, congregated by the end of a 4 month residency, got to be rather big ..
this is a cleaned up version of it.

play the game at
it’s a prototype, comments welcome.
play it on site at Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella Italy
dowload the game, save it offline.
you’d like to know if it works

About info

Diego Bonetto is a multimedia artist living and practicing in Sydney, Australia, and is a key member of artists' collectives SquatSpace and the BigFAGPress. -The SquatSpace collective has been producing ground-breaking events and projects since 2000. The group has been curated in a number of shows both in Australia and overseas. The current initiatives, the Redfern-Waterloo Tour of beauty ( tackle issues of social representation and the politics of space generated by gentrification. -The BigFagPress (BFP) is a publishing facility housed in Wooloomooloo, Sydney. The BFP is a salvaged 4-tonnes Off-set proof press. The press allows for the creation of countless artworks by keen printmakers and self-started publishers. Diego has also been working with WeedyConnection, an environmental art campaign. The project involves an online resource (, short documentary films, cooking shows, blogs, installations, prints, facebook interventions and various site-specific installations in the form of self-guided tours. WeedyConnection tackle the anthropocentric view of what environment should look like. Based on research and data provided by disciplines as far apart as biology, anthropology, paloenthology, social ecology and ethno botany it formulates ethical questions about cultural representation in times of environmental urgency.
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2 Responses to you changed location

  1. marga says:

    ok i played the game, it works tho i have a sore neck from tilting my head as the whole thing lies 90 degrees counter clock wise (on my mac anyway). it works however and i did laugh at the right moment (namely the arrival of Poto), however i would like to see more threat from the gardener (what happened to his scythe weilding alter ego?). also i know why you are saying it but it seems odd to me to be outdoors and come across wild plants and not want to touch, taste or smell them, especially the fragrant edible ones. can beda forager have a voice? can he also speak the text in the speech bubbles? might be good for younger kids and also people with crappy eyesight.

    ps you used my song godamit !!!!! before i had a chance to!!!!!! whatever…

  2. info says:

    Hey Marga, thanks for passing by!
    The game is made for mobile devices, something that doesnt take much to tilt sideways.
    The use of the song was unstoppable, it is just too good to not steal, gonna take it off thou, as it was a bit of a joke for the early part of it all.
    done its’ thing, got you commenting, now can come down.
    Re the narrative changes (the death-looking shythe weilding character had to go, so did the good alter-ego, Even Beda Forager, as the device does not allow for complex narratives.
    it was sad to let them go, i worked a lot with your suggestions, yet when you play the game in the REAL location, thenm the REAl geographical and phenomological component brings top life even the most boring narrative. What kids told me liked so far was just that, the mountain as a physical obstacle, something to climb in order to keep playing the virtual game, the wetland (la palude), n so forth.
    thanks marga for your thoughts, as always.
    you got a new blog yet?

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