on Puddings clubs and free dianellas

It’s hot in Sydney, amazingly so, and then cold when the low pressure finally breaks in.
Dogs have been nervous in the past few days too, the rising moon upsetting them, maybe. Surely little companions jumping in creeks to bark at the water or whatever else was there felt strange, so did a dog running across the park to attack another one without any apparent reason..


But this post is about White Creek, a small valley, a watercourse. Part rehabilitation site, part wildlife corridor, part storm drain pumping the water collapsing in early summer storms into Rozelle Bay, Sydney.

There are Dianellas fruiting at the moment, stacks of it, testimony of a council bent on regenaration.
Interesting to notice how those regeneration processes, aimed at bringing back the idyllic before-white-man paradise of plenty, biodiversity and healthy landscapes, get dictated by what’s available in the local nursery.

This is also the site for community-lead gardening, where a local nature lover, Kosta, spend his spare time and energy looking after some of the ‘common land’, planting all sorts, native and not, and setting up a commendable and successful project involving the local kids (and the local school in the process): The Pudding Club. The local budding gardeners get given a tree to plant and look after, with their own tag.
Rather cute.


While the council go to great extents to live-up to its green commitments, see here for a PDf of their intents.
This top-down attitude towards the residents and the environment went through a number of up and downs. Here there’s a site about the White Creek Wetlands project and here by contrast is a film about the consultation process undertaken by the council, with the not-so-happy residents responses, and few other bits and pieces of local drama..

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