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Bidens pilosa

The Facebook intervention is building up, with some plants getting more friends than other’s..
Interesting is that one in particular, Bidens pilosa (search for it on Facebook) is proving true to its vernacular name in Australia, Farmer’s friend, sticking to people and propagating from one friend to another in a viral mode.
So lately you have been interacting with a new found friend, Hanako, from Phuket, Thailand, who jolted you into some research about the distribution of the specie in her’s environment. Sure enough, the plant is there, in large numbers too, according to the Invasive Species Database, and according to a particular study on the feasibility for biological control of the plant in the Thai agricultural environments..
Below is a PDF of the study:

Bidens_pilosa pdf thai biological control

Both of the links are put together by scientists concerned with the impact the plant has with commercial crops, listing all aspects of possible prevention of further spreading of the plants.

Read that in conjunction to an earlier post on this blog, here.

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3 Responses to More on Bidens pilosa

  1. marga says:

    i hate hate hate HATE facebook with all my heart so will just have to view this phase of your work vicariously through yours and other peoples comments…

  2. marga says:

    oops, on reflection that last comment looks a little petulant so i guess what i should ask is will there be another vehicle for this project (other than your entries here)…?
    mvp again

  3. info says:

    i’m trying to see if i can get the facebook project elsewhere.
    so far it looks like the only way to see/partecipate is by joining it.
    i will write what i think of facebook too, soon.

    thanks Marga
    i’l keep working to see if i can link this blog with facebook in a susbtantial way

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