2 Responses to Have you ever read Gaia?

  1. Lucas says:

    i heard one of lovelock’s disciples on the radio a while back. he made some very compelling arguments. his apocalyptic vision is quite addictive. he also said that nuclear power was the only way forward to save the planet… but i’ve heard stronger arguments against this…

  2. info says:

    Would love to hear the counter arguments, as as you say the apocalyptic vision is not only addictive, but extremely dismissive too: “we all gonna die, so might just as well enjoy the last days”
    i dont like that, even if that was remotely true, i couldnt just sit there and wait.
    Are we serious? waiting for the end while partying?
    naa, i would try to rectify ’till the end.
    Lets hear the counter-arguments

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