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  1. kerby craig says:

    hi i am trying (very hard) to find wild weed seeds to start a garden in sydney and have had no help!
    i love your web site and was wondering if you could inform me of some pages or shops that stock the seeds for edible weeds?

    thank you so much

  2. info says:

    hi Kerby. I am afraid you will not find any edible weeds seeds anywhere, as it would be illegal to sell them.
    I suggested doing some seed saving yourself, what are you after?

  3. Kerby craig says:

    Hi thanks for the reply.
    Wow I didnt know it was illegal??
    I have been moving some weeds for cultivating.
    What Im looking for is sweet cicily, pineapple weed, wild parsley, wild carrot, wild turnip, wild parsnip, wood sorrel to name afew.

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