humor! yes please

indeed, you laughed.
While looking around in your connections you seldom come about new things/people/corners in the wide web.. little windows into someone else’s media adventure.
This time you found an urban forager, or rather an urban scout as Peter Bauer introduce himself.
A cheeky and light-hearted messenger, who likes to pose bare chested, mud covered and while smoking cigarettes (?)
Urban scout is promoting his book at the moment, via a fundrasing platform, kickstarter, collecting donation for an upcoming tour of the west coast of USA.
His book is a collection of blog posts from, where the humor lies. You really enjoy the take, or rather the confrontations between ‘re-wilding’ and whatever else ( debate Vs rewilding; ‘free’ Vs rewilding; calling the cops Vs rewilding..). Genius!

so, below is how the Urban scout present himself:

My parents named me Peter but people ’round these parts call me Urban Scout or just Scout for short. Over a decade ago I began to realize that the agrarian civilized lifestyle would not reach a point of sustainability. The more I studied hunter-gatherers, the more intrigued I became as to how they lived in such an egalitarian, sustainable manner. I decided to make it my life goal to live as a hunter-gatherer. I call this process rewilding. As a cultural creative and multi-disciplinary artist, I have a duty to inspire others to find rewilding. I write stuff, makes videos, take pictures, make designs, build installations, teach classes and use this blog as a public exhibition space.

and here his call out:

good luck

About info

Diego Bonetto is a multimedia artist living and practicing in Sydney, Australia, and is a key member of artists' collectives SquatSpace and the BigFAGPress. -The SquatSpace collective has been producing ground-breaking events and projects since 2000. The group has been curated in a number of shows both in Australia and overseas. The current initiatives, the Redfern-Waterloo Tour of beauty ( tackle issues of social representation and the politics of space generated by gentrification. -The BigFagPress (BFP) is a publishing facility housed in Wooloomooloo, Sydney. The BFP is a salvaged 4-tonnes Off-set proof press. The press allows for the creation of countless artworks by keen printmakers and self-started publishers. Diego has also been working with WeedyConnection, an environmental art campaign. The project involves an online resource (, short documentary films, cooking shows, blogs, installations, prints, facebook interventions and various site-specific installations in the form of self-guided tours. WeedyConnection tackle the anthropocentric view of what environment should look like. Based on research and data provided by disciplines as far apart as biology, anthropology, paloenthology, social ecology and ethno botany it formulates ethical questions about cultural representation in times of environmental urgency.
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