on the kind on sweeping statements facebook is full of

Facebook became the platform you work with the most this days, for a number of reasons.
Firstly because as a cultural producer you engage with media where it is most active, starting from a couple of years back when you embarked in the WeedBook project, a page and collaborative adventure with the input from a bunch of writers from all over the world creating profiles for a number of common plants (ahem.. weeds) so that people could actually become friends (although virtually) and engage with the botany most close to us, the ones living in our cracks and under our feet. The profiles are still very active, some writer left the scene but mostly are kept ‘virtually’ alive and present in people’s reality>> see the list on the right shoulder of this blog.
Secondly because it is -by far- the most reactive and socially inclusive of all platforms this days, with real people responding to posts in real time. Exchange in Facebook happens at high levels.
With this in mind you made a facebook page for the latest project, Wild Stories, a unified concept under which you offer and co-present walks, workshops, dinner, tastings, adventures and storytelling.

Below is one of those sweeping statements facebook’s full of. 12 Best Wild Edibles of Australia. Of course it is not a complete list, of course not all of the featured species are available through-out the continent. Of course we could argue for days on the merits or demerits of this or that plant, but ay, let’s not forget the point: Wild Stories are all around us, they here to stay and above all, they are far too often disregarded.

About info

Diego Bonetto is a multimedia artist living and practicing in Sydney, Australia, and is a key member of artists' collectives SquatSpace and the BigFAGPress. -The SquatSpace collective has been producing ground-breaking events and projects since 2000. The group has been curated in a number of shows both in Australia and overseas. The current initiatives, the Redfern-Waterloo Tour of beauty (www.squatspace.com/redfern) tackle issues of social representation and the politics of space generated by gentrification. -The BigFagPress (BFP) is a publishing facility housed in Wooloomooloo, Sydney. The BFP is a salvaged 4-tonnes Off-set proof press. The press allows for the creation of countless artworks by keen printmakers and self-started publishers. www.bigfagpress.org Diego has also been working with WeedyConnection, an environmental art campaign. The project involves an online resource (www.weedyconnection.com), short documentary films, cooking shows, blogs, installations, prints, facebook interventions and various site-specific installations in the form of self-guided tours. WeedyConnection tackle the anthropocentric view of what environment should look like. Based on research and data provided by disciplines as far apart as biology, anthropology, paloenthology, social ecology and ethno botany it formulates ethical questions about cultural representation in times of environmental urgency.
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