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Wild Stories, the exhibition

WILD STORIES Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre 1/12/12 – 31/1/13 “Imagine a world where we are all connected with nature – all species cohabitating in harmony, giving space to each other and allowing for the survival and thriving of each and … Continue reading

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On foraging and Videos, a poetic response

From Alex and Clare Pioneers from vdmalex on Vimeo. 2010 we attended a ‘Weed Tour’ of Sydney Park, hosted by local artist Diego Bonetto as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s major exhibition ‘In The Balance: Art for a … Continue reading

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passing on some good writing

Patrick Jones is an artist, permaculturalist and dad from Melbourne. At the moment busy with the setting up of a food forest as part of the incoming show at the MCA, In the Balance, check out the progress here and … Continue reading

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There’s more to Brighton than a burned down pier

OK, this is it, nearly outta here. as a closing post you’d like to record a dot point list: Brighton’s west pier apparently didn’t burned down due to an ‘insurance job’, but rather because of two main theories: 1-the competition, … Continue reading

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Who am I f*cking kiddin.

Basel, the fair, image after image on this flickr set will give the reader an idea. Probably many came through this kermess already, or, even better, as Ilaria posted on my facebook a while back: Readers? Yeh. You’re here with … Continue reading

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Well overdue update, or rather, you went to Mexico

lots of things, out-bursting and spiraling out. Blogging is a pleasure yet a chore in the list, and you find yourself starting documents like this, over and over again, which then (in theory) get copied and pasted online.. Each time … Continue reading

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On setting up Bio-art

“No please, don’t refer to us as environmental artists”, Caretto-Spagna said in one of the many exchanges we had in the past 6 weeks. You worked with them in a mentorship program in Cambiano, Italy, getting ready a major new … Continue reading

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where the wild things are

Most of the action at the moment happen in the Chippendale Google map (see the tab above) and in the Flicker page (see the tab on the left) come by, see the wonders

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oops, or rather, how to contextualise $60,000

“Bonetto’s work is a barometer of our times, exploring nature, fragility, sustainability and how we integrate ourselves in the natural environment. The work is particularly apt at this point of time with what is going on ecologically, economically and politically,” … Continue reading

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