Blog maintenance

Hi all, i’m in holiday, as in not working and/or running around for this or that, altough the projects never stop, so i had a bit more time to get virtually around, see what other people blog. Did also a bit of administration, in July 06 i started a prototype of this blog on blogger, […]

Research trip, i.e holiday time!

Well, its holiday time and finally the long-planned trip back to my indigenous country (Torino district, Italy) is about to happen! I will be going for 5 weeks, catching-up on gossip, family dramas and sourcing the great knowledge of wild food which is my mother. It will be great to keep mine and my two […]

Sheep Sorrel -Rumex acetosella

Panel #8 of the Self-Guided Tour of the Weeds of Australia Sorrel Fever Tea Sorrel tea acts as a diuretic and laxative and so helps the process of elimination in fevers. 30g Sorrel Leaves 500ml boiling water Pour boiling water onto sorrel and leave to draw for 5 minutes. Strain and take 2 tablespoon four […]


Lavender: Its name was derived from the Latin verb “to wash” and both the Romans and Greeks scented their soaps and bathwater with the herb. In the Middle Ages, lavender was considered the herb of love. Pic by Judi333 Some think of it as the English garden herb, others think of the Lavender Alps in […]

Milk Thistle- Silybum marianum

Milk Thistle (aka Variegated Thistle): The seeds, fruit, and leaves of Milk Thistle have been used since the Roman times as a liver tonic. PIC by Lamr Also known as Marian, St. Mary’s, Variegated Thistle, and Our Lady’s thistle, the herb is native to Europe. Originating in the Mediterranean region and grown and used as […]

White Clover

Panel #9 of the Self-Guided Tour of the Weeds of Australia Recipes: White Clover Snow 250ml Water 250ml Orange juice 250g White Clover blossoms 3 Tablespoon honey 1 Tablespoon agar agar 250ml Whipped cream Bring water and orange juice to the boil , add the trimmed clover blossom which should have disintegrated into individual florets […]

Fat Hen – Chenopodium album

The following description and recipe is taken from Antonio Carluccio Goes Wild, published in 2001 by Headline Book Publishing, all of the Copyright crap is just that to me,crap. In this time and age of wikipedia, opensource programs, file sharing and so forth the idea of strangle-holding information is just irrelevant, so there you have […]

St Johns Wort -Hypericum perforatum

St Johns Wort, originally uploaded by JoeBanana St. John’s Wort: “Pinch the yellow flowers of this attractive perennial and — presto, the petals turn red. St John’s Wort is a common roadside weed that is tied by both name and legend to religion and witchcraft. It was said on the Isle of Wight that if […]


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.

The Rush Creek Wilderness Trail

OK, Ok, this one has got nothing to do with weeds -apart from the obvious chance to find an erray of non-indigenous species through the trail- but i just loved it! did you ever wondered about the world with goggle earth? well this people took it to the next step, read on… The Rush Creek […]