On New Nature’s Readings or How privets feed Possums

You are reading the latest book by Tim Low, New Nature, the follow up to Feral Future which you discussed before on this forum. This latest effort from the biologist focus on a re-interpretation of what “nature” is, in it Low breaks down the artificially construct which is wilderness and what it means to us […]

On PHOTO-SYNTHESIS and the ephemeral art of nature

Ana Wojak is completing a residency at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney, a year-long immersion in the oldest garden of Australia. See here the online journal. The historic and cultural implications of the site are enormous and Ana is remarkably taking them all in, from the aspect of the botanical floodgate which opened the […]

On the Rain which is meant to be coming down

August, according to imported and adapted traditional knowledge from the other side of the world, it should be raining, the whole month. You used the centuries old saying of the Marking Days, (i di’ ‘d marca in Piedmonteese) trying export it onto Australian land, southern hemisphere, couldn’t get any further away from the original land/people […]