here it is

the map of the Self-Guided Tour of the weeds of Maundrell Park, Petersham, part of the Art in the Park: Cross Pollination, group show curated by the Makeshift duo. Here you can find a PDF version of it (better for print, 1,814kb). and here is the Guide, where the species are detailed. The Self-Guided Tour […]

a weed tour, tomorrow, in petersham. come!

Art in the Park: Cross-pollinations 9th December 2007 A biannual exhibition of sculpture and installation art that engages critically with shared green space in the city You are invited to Cross-pollinations, an outdoor exhibition on the site of a former plant nursery, once home to seedbeds, ferneries, fishponds and a hothouse. For one day only, […]

stop mowing your bloody lawns!

Found this: As we seek to integrate our agricultural systems with the landscape, in a way that follows an ethic of bioregional stewardship, the native and naturalized flora of our region offer a uniquely diverse resource. The plants that surround us have co-evolved with, and supported humans in a myriad of ways through the millennia. […]

well well, one step at the time

Pic of Ally by Alex So, it happened, after 11 years of conservative government, which took Australia through an array of incredible obscenities: 1996 March 2: John Howard defeats Paul Keating to become prime minister, ending a record 13 years of Coalition opposition. 1997 May: Resists public pressure to apologise to Indigenous Australians over the […]

your life in a fast world, or how to keep the pace

thanks Raccis! Your Laptop got stolen the other weekend, the election in Australia brought in a tidal change, the rain keep coming despite pseudo-predictions by you, and while all of this happens you read of folklife and try to cash-up for xmas… You will have to explain all of this, but at the moment you’re […]