on street plantings and where the neighbourhood is

On the way to Chippendale you stopped, the artificial lake in Victoria Park gave reason for a picture: Ibises roosting on a willow. These majestic native birds are one of the winners of nowadays urban wildlife, as the wikipedia entry: Historically rare in urban areas, the Australian White Ibis has immigrated to urban areas of […]

On the big long white cloud

Pic by Senor Lebowski You left Christchurch, New Zealand. The flight gave you the chance to see the landscape from a fantastic advantage point, you had a window seat on a clear day. You where impressed by the width of the river beds, as if the washing downstream on sediment is happening at an amazing […]

on finding quotes

photo taken by Bmdavll You found a cafe’ where you get access to a modest library, and came across ‘The Natural History of Canterbury’ published by the Canterbury branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand and edited by A.W.Reed in 1969.. No, not Canterbury the English town, but the New Zealand region where Christchurch, […]

on secured networks or rather, on glorious willows and finding locals

You so wish internet connections would liberate themselves from the restrictions of market. Yet no free connection is available and blogging is a task to overcome. Willows, glorious, enourmous and flowering in Christchurch’s parks. The south island of New Zealand, proud and cold, rich and wet. Temperate botany faring well amongst a disrupted environment, changed […]

where the wild things are

Most of the action at the moment happen in the Chippendale Google map (see the tab above) and in the Flicker page (see the tab on the left) come by, see the wonders

as you were

Back to Chippendale and its botany. Things move fast in the small suburb of Sydney, with a considerable part of it undergoing a fast-paced redevelopment. Most of the area is being ‘cleared’ already, making space for apartments and parks. In the mean time you juggling a paid employment, a forced change of house from another […]