On setting up Bio-art

“No please, don’t refer to us as environmental artists”, Caretto-Spagna said in one of the many exchanges we had in the past 6 weeks. You worked with them in a mentorship program in Cambiano, Italy, getting ready a major new work for a curated group show for the Strozzina, Firenze, Green Platform. When you were […]

On Milano anarchists

This is the year Milano celebrate their avant-garde, the Futurists. The ‘rising city’ does so presenting a flamboyant selection of events and exhibitions dedicated to the centenary of this ‘rebellious, visionary avant-garde movement.’ You went to see it, spent the day in the fast-paced northern Italian centre, famous for its fashion hothouses, and on the […]

love the hackers

Hopefully this is going to work. This site was hacked back in March, on the 23rd, and promptly Mr Google banned it from view adding a splash page which warned anyone dropping-by of the dangers hidden behind the code. was the work of a certain 1dt.w0lf, a certain coder who likes to leave his name […]