On shows and responses

You are part of a show in Lismore at the moment, Ecologies at the Lismore Regional Gallery, on until the 5th September 09. The show was completely negotiated via email, as you are overseas at the moment, so after a suggestion from Kezia Geddes, the curator over there, organized an amazing good deal with a […]

On Mali’s Farmers Discovery of a Weed’s Potential Power

Jason suggested some reading, n you share: KOULIKORO, Mali — When Suleiman Diarra Banani’s brother said that the poisonous black seeds dropping from the seemingly worthless weed that had grown around his family farm for decades could be used to run a generator, or even a car, Mr. Banani did not believe him. When he […]

More fun

Still researching for the current new project, you found City Rain, developed by a brasilian team, the Mother Gaia Studios, it mix the fast-paced decision making inherent to tetris in order to develop a sustainable city. I think what it works in this game is the urgency feeling due to the fast-dropping element, which needs […]

‘d arsetari

La salada ëd girassoj o s-ciapadoje Vers la fin dl’invern, passà ij dì dla merla, quand che ij prà a ërpòso ëncora o a ëncamin-o pen-a a dësvijesse, as peulo cheuje ij girassoj pi’ tënre, ch’a son d’ën color baross për el gël e a l’han ëncora nen pijà ël gust amer carateristich dle sicorie […]