cornacchie, originally uploaded by the weed one. amongst those tall trees live a massive community of grey-hooded crows. a community of scavengers made sustainable thanks to the regular feeding of pic-nic goers. Impressive and awe inspiring the power of those birds in numbers. You were here in a nearby valley from where you are in […]

on glorious food

It’s spring here in the campagna Romana (Roman hinterland) , and you surrounded at the moment by seasonal treats: wild cicory, wild garlic, dandelions and flat weed, wild asparagus and a similar spring growth from an unrelated bush: Ruscus aculeatus (Butcher’s broom). How perfect, the visit from your good friend Marga gave reason for a […]

Have you ever read Gaia?

You are lucky, you live at the moment amongst one of the most amazing libraries. You always want more information, and books still have a prerogative that electronic sources cannot match, the physicality of the medium: when you hold in your hand facts and words your reading experience is enhanced… you should explain this one, […]