Food designing and the possibilities of collaborations

You have being lucky lately, lucky enough to collaborate with one of the most interesting up n coming chefs of Sydney, and a creative Food Designer. This happened as part of a series of workshops organised by Anna Lise, of &Company. As part of an exhibition at Object Gallery, the young curator put together a […]

On making lilly pilli jam and searching for cabbage tree palms

It is likely, according to Jim, that the alluvial flats of Bundanon and adjoining properties had several Brush cherries Sygyzum penniculata. Now there are only a few very old specimen of it left, as they were cleared out of valuable land. Indigenous population most probably enjoyed the seasonal abundance, surely the early settlers of this […]

Day 2, making strings, and learning about corkwood

we went to collect a young Brown Kurrajong, Commersonia fraseri, also known as Black-fellow’s Hemp, as it was extensively used as a source of fibre. The branch is pounded with a rounded stone to facilitate the separation of the inner bark. You need to pay attention to not break the fibre in the process. The […]

why weeds

How interesting is the reaction. Quite often you find yourself offending people, just by the nature of your arguments. Often times the fact that you come across as an advocate for reconsidering our hard stand on what specie should live or not upset people. ‘What you mean? what about Lantana? Are you saying that we […]

back in Bundanon

In Bundanon for a week, the starting point of a project which sparked off from your involvement with SiteWorks (please click the link to know more). As a spin-off from the amazing laboratory that SiteWorks was, you and Jim Wallis decided to propose a series of mini residencies here, where you will look at the […]