a couple of links about weeds

The Last Stand of the Wild Flowers, as it appeared on the Independent a few years back.
A poetic ode to weeds:

To judge by the scores of visitors to the farm this year, weed-seeking is becoming a new country sport. So far Helen has taken 25 parties out among the weeds, and the demand is “more than I can cope with sometimes”. Many visitors are local, but others come from all over Britain, willing to face the horrors of the M25 to see a field of weeds.

From Peter Marren

and a more poltically charged argument, comparing weed repression to over-nationalistic zeal, Mother Nature’s Melting Pot

Designating some as native and others as alien denies this ecological and genetic dynamism. It draws an arbitrary historical line based as much on aesthetics, morality and politics as on science, a line that creates a mythic time of purity before places were polluted by interlopers

By Hugh Raffles


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