Bulls, Books n famous views


Day 1,
just came this afternoon at Bundanon, a pleasant 3 hours train ride south of Sydney, with a great book (The Bride Stripped Bare).
I found this book two days ago in a box in the street, “free books” said the sign, and I am the most thankful for a fantastic gift. What I love the most (nearly finished it) is the writing style, erratic, un-logical and over-emotional…in other words ALIVE!
It is been so long I had the time to read a book, and most of all found a book which I’d like to read!

The internet connection is not as expected from previous arrangements, the only chance here to get online is by dial-up. I will investigate tomorrow the options at the offices down at Riversdale.

In the mean time I met the other two artists in residence here at the moment, Tom and Calvin, a painter and a composer.
they are both at the thin end of their staying, Calvin going tomorrow and Tom next week.

We went for walk down the river, the splendid Shoalhaven.
It is so wide over here, nearly at the end of its journey, so close to sea, tidal.

I recognized a few spot from knowing Arthur Boyd paintings.

I recognized a few plants which will be subjects of my staying.


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