Carving A Path Through Lantana Taller Than You

kangaroo apple

you just came back to the studio, longing for the keyboard.
The crickets outside compete with the fridge noise.
Today Jim came to visit, he documented in a cd Rom the environment of Bundanon, frogs, mammals, fungi, plants.
His work gathered information far apart and his knowledge filled your day.

devil's needles

You discovered native Solanums today, like Devil’s Needles (Solanum stelligerum), Banya Pine nuts and forgotten Lemon trees in the middle of the bush.

On an attempt to reach an old homestead you lost your camera while battling with Lantana taller than you, only to find it later, safe, enriched by a new set of wondrous botany.

Is coming now the time to start sorting the amount of information.
It is now the time to start thinking how to connect this investigation with what presses you the most, trans-cultural ethnobotany.

If you want to feel integral part of this environment you should then openly be able to argue against pseudo-nationalistic environmental legal restrains.

Who could argue a sheep is less damaging to Australia then a Thistle?

Is there a native Thistle?

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