on Mapping and the value of it

We’re mapping it all!! As part of the exhibition Baadlands: an Atlas of Experimental Cartography We have also been revisiting the database and populate it with 40+ new plants profiles. The lot will be live at www.wildedibles.info on August 1, 6pm AEST If you’re in Sydney come for the launch!

on the kind on sweeping statements facebook is full of

Facebook became the platform you work with the most this days, for a number of reasons. Firstly because as a cultural producer you engage with media where it is most active, starting from a couple of years back when you embarked in the WeedBook project, a page and collaborative adventure with the input from a […]

Wild Stories, the book

You have produced and self-published a book. It is available online here for $16 plus postage and handleing, or you could get it as a signed, limited edition copy by sending your request at info[at]weedyconnection[dot]com Wild Stories by Diego Bonetto | Make Your Own Book


SouthSydneyHeraldOCT11pg12, a photo by the weed one on Flickr. Great article about what you do, how and why. By Christine Morrow on the South Sydney Herald Read the rest of the paper here> http://www.southsydneyherald.com.au/pdf/SSHOCT11.pdf

on when you got asked to speak

This post will be convoluted, introversive and overall ranting away while feeling the need of barking, loud. You have been invited by the Weeds Society of Victoria to present a paper at their annual symposium. This year focus and general threat amongst the various invited speakers was Contentious views on weeds, hence the invitation. By […]

back in Bundanon

In Bundanon for a week, the starting point of a project which sparked off from your involvement with SiteWorks (please click the link to know more). As a spin-off from the amazing laboratory that SiteWorks was, you and Jim Wallis decided to propose a series of mini residencies here, where you will look at the […]

on ‘getting my support wherever I find it’

On Wednesday a very positive article on the Sydney Morning Herald was written about the food forest project of The Artist As Family. It made you ponder, and resolved to stitch together a bunch of instances you encountered in the past few years, as you think the relationship of those various sporadic moments of communication […]