chiara’s tale

This plant was left on the desk one early morning.
We loved the presence of a little jumping spider!
Grazie Chiara!

Fra ‘n Cesca are my two little succulents! they have both living with us since the day I went to the Glebe’s market to find a present for my sister birthday- I got her a pendant and two plants for me on that day;)
My sister’s name is Francesca Fra n Cesca and she loves succulents! back home in Milan, Italy, she has at least 20 different types of these plants and it was a tradition for me to bring her a little succulent on my way back from every travel. now i am in Australia. I have been living in Sydney for 15 months and i miss her really heaps, but unfortunately I haven’t gone back yet. That’s why I have Cesca ‘n Fran in my house…I’ve shown their pics to the “real” Francesca, and she loves them (Cesca is her favourite). They are lovely little succulent, that remind me of my younger sister!
I love them! And her!!!!

Chiara, Redfern

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