Dillan and the games of youth

Baloonvine fishing rod a video by the weed one on Flickr.

As you were in residence at Casula Powerhouse for the development of Wild Stories, you met Dillan, a young boy from the neighborhood.
As it happens, this boy knows the local river shore much better then many other people. He comes down to the (Georges) river every second day, after school, during the weekend, when is wagging school, or just whenever he is in need to find playing ground. The River shores offer much of what is needed: subject, challenge, setting, adventure, possibilities, sense of belonging, sense of discovery.
Dillan and his mates create their own personal Wild Stories along this river, amongst those trees, amidst the weeds and overgrowth.
This little video encapsulate the sense of play and wonder, laughter and dignity arisen from letting loose of creativity.

When you asked Dillan and his friend if he could offer something to your project he obliged (half seriously and half jokingly) by showing us how to make a fishing rod with balloon vine ( Cardiospermum grandiflorum) and use jelly snakes as bait!

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