Emma Dusci’s Weed Textiles

Lucas gave me a present, a weed print by Emma Dusci!

It’s funny that since i re-started doing projects about weeds (never stopped really, just acted in different forms) friends keep coming back to me with stories and suggestions, advises and warnings, and sometimes even weedy presents!


Emma Dusci is an undergraduate from Edith Cowan University Major in Textiles and for the exhibition Foot on The Doorshe produced a set of dyed silk drapes.

The cloth is produced through the shaping and manipulation of cloth, where natural dyes extracted from native flora speaks of the Austarlian landscape. The shaping and manipulation examines and eplores this issues.
Emma says of her creation: “I wanted to exploit the saturated hues of native species in nature to educate people on what destroys these environment harbourung introduced species.
This has led me to the examination and exploration of issues faced by the natural environment in Australia.”

Yes, very noble, and i love the printed Oxalis, faboulus in sauces!

oxalis print

Well done Emma.

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