Gardens stories


we got this one from the house we were living in,
about 10 years ago, more even.. 14?
This house was haunted, fully possessed …i was nearly snuffed out one night, i woke up from a dream and was in that nearly-awake state and opened my eyes, nothing was there, i couldn’t see anything but the room, but i was fully gasping for breath like if someone was pushing a cushion on my face and i had to extend my arm to push it away whatever it was..
only then it stopped.
Fully haunted house..
Indy was with us and she was always spooked. She would stand up and bark, and follow with her head a point traveling through the room.. and if you looked good, at times, you could see a strange light, a luminescence travelling through the room..
This plant was the only plant in the whole garden.
We got it out and took with us..
that’s why of the skeleton.

It doesn’t look very good at the moment.
It’s alrite thou.
It needs a bit of air and sun.
some rain would do it good.

The pot came from house too..

Story/pot by Matt Stegh, Redfern

This is one of the stories you, karl and tessa have started collecting in preparation for two weeks residency at Underbelly.
Two weeks of interactions between artists from all over Sydney and the neighbors, open to public from Thursday 3 July to the festival, the culminating 2 days event, on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 July.

Come by any time between this times to visit, and if you would like to share a potted story too please email info[at]nobodys[dot]info, or come along, even better, we will offer a tea and a lovely holiday for your potted friend.
come by!

This posting is also being duplicated on the Project’s blog: The Hanging Gardens And Other Tales

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