humor! yes please

indeed, you laughed.
While looking around in your connections you seldom come about new things/people/corners in the wide web.. little windows into someone else’s media adventure.
This time you found an urban forager, or rather an urban scout as Peter Bauer introduce himself.
A cheeky and light-hearted messenger, who likes to pose bare chested, mud covered and while smoking cigarettes (?)
Urban scout is promoting his book at the moment, via a fundrasing platform, kickstarter, collecting donation for an upcoming tour of the west coast of USA.
His book is a collection of blog posts from, where the humor lies. You really enjoy the take, or rather the confrontations between ‘re-wilding’ and whatever else ( debate Vs rewilding; ‘free’ Vs rewilding; calling the cops Vs rewilding..). Genius!

so, below is how the Urban scout present himself:

My parents named me Peter but people ’round these parts call me Urban Scout or just Scout for short. Over a decade ago I began to realize that the agrarian civilized lifestyle would not reach a point of sustainability. The more I studied hunter-gatherers, the more intrigued I became as to how they lived in such an egalitarian, sustainable manner. I decided to make it my life goal to live as a hunter-gatherer. I call this process rewilding. As a cultural creative and multi-disciplinary artist, I have a duty to inspire others to find rewilding. I write stuff, makes videos, take pictures, make designs, build installations, teach classes and use this blog as a public exhibition space.

and here his call out:

good luck

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