In the mean time in Sydney..

Here’s a video about an initiative happening in Sydney right now.
Th idea originated in Melbourne, but this should take nothing away from the effort and enthusiasm of this gorup of perma-wizard.
Check their website here.

What is a permablitz? A permablitz is a permaculture-inspired backyard, frontyard or community makeover where people come together to build a food garden, share knowledge and skills about organic food production in urban gardens while building community and having fun. Anyone can come, and for many it’s their first experience with permaculture design or food gardening. Basically we get a lot of people together with tools, plants and knowledge and we go to someones house and build a permaculture vegie garden. This is a not for profit, volunteer based idea with reciprocation in mind. If you want a permaculture vegie garden at your place then you are encouraged to help out at other permablitz’s first. People who have had a blitz at their house are encouraged to repay the favor by helping out at other blitz’s.

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