it got rained out, but that’s sub-tropical sydney for you

mapFrom The Weather Channel

Gang Festival got rained out, luckily a great plan B was in place and the whole crowd got moved to Bill n George..
A while back a friend of yours from a farm down south told you of this guy who forecast the weather on The Land, the Australia-wide rural weekly. Apparently farmers swear by him, yet in your research you were not able to identify this weather guru, as far as you can tell the weather in The Land is predicted by The Weather Co., the same company which supply forecasts for ABC, SBS, the Weather Channel n others.
The reason why you’re so interested about this weather man is because apparently he predicted a very wet summer along the east coast of Australia, 6+ months ago!
Now this was happening while you were trying to import from your farming knowledge a system which, by now you must acknowledge, didn’t work much at all, the Marking Days.
You didn’t report anymore on the weather prediction according to this age old system from the land you knew. You must though, as this blog is already full as is of half crusades.
The Marking Day for November was June 29, a beautiful day, sun sun sun and rising temperatures
November got to be wet and stormy instead.
No better was December, which according to your projection on June 30 2007 was going to be sunny and warm, turned out to be the wettest December of the past 10 years.
January’s Marking Day was July 1, which was overcast for most of the day, to then open up in a fantastic and warm sunshine day.
You’re writing this while still waiting for the sunshine to settle on our January..
Probably the best assessment will be done at the end of the trail period, June 08, when a overall evaluation of the Marking Days will define the accuracy. Sure will not be any worse than our media broadcasters, but no where near the mysterious weather Guru from The Land..
You feel like drawing a parallel to a great artist now, Joseph Beuys, a personality of 20th century art, whose work had a significant influence on subsequent artists. Beuys is remembered as a priest-like figure, his performances (for which he always wore his trademark fedora hat) taking on the character of ritual and his work imbued with spiritual meaning.
Shamanistic practice, pseudo-prophetic or, as this old review from the International Herald Tribune argue, Beuys was driven to serve something holy..
the writer going to extremes as to compare Beuys to hebrews prophets like Jeremiah and Ezekiel.
uhmm, you don’t know bout such mythological relationships, yet, how fascinating is the fine line between shaman and charlatan..


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