Making a cookbook about foraging? yes please

Here’e the work of a group of people from New York, who with verve and good humor is offering a new way to look at the botany living around us.


Great the statement “So why the focus on foraging? Well, we have to say a bit about spurse. We’re a collective of systems thinkers, and designers who’ve spent the last decade researching how humans and their environments shape each other. We’ve done fieldwork in many remote hunting, fishing and mining communities and along the we’d often all stop to gather a spontaneous meal. This led us to see foraging — what some of us still remember our grandparents doing — is neither quaint nor exotic — it’s how we change from being shoppers to stewards, activist, foodies, and ecologists without realizing it. It’s crucial to transforming us, our perceptions, and our fundamental engagements with the world.”

Read an article here or check out their blog here

Glorious intents, it reminds you of Antonio Carluccio Goes Wild coobook, only a little more grunge

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