mapping the Campagna Romana


Ok, this is it, 2 n 1/2 months of work got presented to the public last week.
Together with a crew of 10 other we devised this ‘mapping of the landscape’.
The aim was to gather our critical minds to unravel the complexity of the word nature, dissecting the conglomerate of meanings into various aspects, from the wilderness to the garden, from the OGMs to the concept of property, from the real estate speculation to the social outcomes towards a post petroleum society.
As you can imagine we spaced wide, allowing for the complexity to guide us towards a journey.
We transferred this journey into a physical tour within the grounds of the Fondazione Baruchello, our testing grounds.
The process is well documented in a blog in italian here, which we are now completing and locking for posterity.
You can download a printable version of this map here (Pdf 46Mb) and the back here (Pdf 171Mb)

Fondazione Baruchello, campagna romana, more than 3000 years of interaction with the landscape. About 5 ks from the Fondazione was one of the major centres of Etruscan civilization, Veio. One of the main through ways between Veio and Sacrofano (another major centre) is still visible on the south side og the fondazione’s grounds.

After the fall of the Etruscan’s city by hand of Roman dictator Marco Furio Camillo in 396 BC, the fields went through an alternated series of abandon and reclaim.
This hills have returned to woods several times over.
To nowadays, when in 1973 an artist buy a property and reclaim the surrounding fields from a failed real estate speculation to turn them into an artwork, the dirt as the starting point of investigation, with all of its meanings in economy, politic, history and psychology.

You came and collaborated in an attempt to provide a reading, a mapping and a reflection in today’s terms.
Blasphemy, arrogance and self appointment were used as tools to instigate social awareness.

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