Marie Claire going wild?

Anne Fullerton was on a mission. Enticed by the latest culinary crave for wild food, she decided to take on the challenge of preparing a dinner entirely sourced from urban wilderness.
To do so she needed a guide to take her through the abandoned areas of Sydney and to point at the edible possibilities under her own feet.
Anne contacted you, and with trepidation followed you amongst nettle, blackberries and wild fennels to discover fields of dandelions, plantain and dock, turkey rhubarb and wood sorrel, and more that she could digest (metaphorically) on her crash course.
She was way out of her market-ready comfort zone, but eager to listen.
She was out of season for most of the things offered too, but as an eager (stoic) adventurer she followed you, like Little Red Riding Hood >>

The dinner was challenging, the guests unaccustomed to most flavours, but she succeeded in recounting her experience and experimentation in this lovely article below, published in Marie Claire, soon in the news stands.

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 12.23.00 PM

Read the full article here

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