more pots, more tales

Yesterday was a great day for the Hanging Gardens and Other Tales.
Many willing palnt lover parted themselves of special friends, to enrich the dispaly of beautiful tales.
below is the tale told by Ali’s green friends:

I thought I was a total brown-thumb, death to plants, until the day my ex-girlfriend took me around her garden and picked a little pup off each of her favourite succulents, sent me home cradling them gently in my lap. Wtching those little plants thrive inspired me like nothing else. I was out every morning exclaiming over each new millimitre of growth. An obesession was born.
Last time i moved house i brought two trailer loads of of plants with me.
Finding intriguing objects to contain my plants is my secondary obsession. Tea-pots, tea-cups, collanders, saucespans & boots have all served.
These two plants are descendants of the pups that kick-started this whole obsession.

Ali, Newtown

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