Mushroom time!

It’s here, they are all around us, it’s been raining and they are now out!
Mushrooms season!

The first moon of the Chinese Year of the Snake brought above average rainfall, which to the shrewd forager -at this time of the year- means an incredible mushroom season is coming up! Friends and colleagues are already posting images of an hefty harvest.
Would you like to know what they talk about? Would you like to be passed on knowledge form the Russian, Italian, Polish, Macedonian and Spanish communities?
Wild Stories is presenting a number of foraging outings this season, following from last year’s successful outings, when we’d set-off on an early morning for a fully comprehensive bus trip.
You’re talking about Saffron Milk Caps and Slippery Jacks, Grey Knights and if we’re lucky Wood Blewits>> YUM!
See below the documentary by Justin Hewitson about last year’s harvest, and here for an account by Richard Widows.

Interested? Join our first two tours:
Sat March 17
Sunday April 7

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