On Monday night Gary brought you three fantastic examples of Agaricus Campestris (Field Mushroom).


They were fantastic in a quick fried pan with garlic and with fresh parsley garnished!

You where so excited about the find of such familiar mushroom you end-up spending the next two mornings looking for more, to finally find one this morning.


Is quite common for Italian, Polish, Russian and Ex-Yugoslavian people to spend the week-ends of late march-early april on mushroom gathering expeditions.

You can relate to that, as you spent most of your youth’s autums in Italy doing exactly the same thing, fill up jars of preserved seasonal treats.

You became quite familiar with a few species, like Boletus (Bule’ in Piedmonteese, your native language) and Agaricus.


Note the pinky colour gills


Note the white colour of the flesh after recision

You knew straight away there were the ones, but ate so much of it that the day after you were still digesting it all.

So, your reader may not be aware that mushrooms live in simbiosis with particular plants.
Boletus and Lactarius deliciosus live in pine forests and in Australia most of state forests are planted with Radiata Pines.

Here is a quick itro to mushrooms in Pine forests

and here there’s one on field mushrooms.

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