on a beautiful storytelling

Yes indeed, a fantastic and charming speaker, with funny jokes every now n then, to lively up the audience partecipation, harnessing attention.
Yes indeed, a beautiful story of faraway lands, exotic people and striking colours.
Yes indeed, a noble message, broadcasting all of the good-doing of the National Geographic.
Yet, what about your connection to the environment? what about you, as a western world inhabitant, whose mother and mother’s mother lived on a land which no longer is considered wild?

What about the connections you as a ‘non-native’ have with your surroundings.
This speech is brilliant in its simplicity, missing the point that we all are natives, indigenous, inhabitants of the world, diverse and ever changing, different and bracketed.
Much gets lost, yes, but hardly ever the idea that remoteness means purity, denying the fact that immediacy is where you can act.
Maybe you’re just barking at the wrong tree

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