On A Weed World Talk

Come one, Come all to “A Weed World”!!!


As part of the ongoing InfoTainment night at Sydney’s, local Nobody and german duo Iris-A-Maz will share their weed experience!

Nobody’s ongoing project to reconnect people with plants (i.e. migrants with weeds) in an attempt to remind us all that the romantic view of an “Idillic Australian Landscape” is somewhat nationalistic, will cross experience with Iriz-A-Maz from Germany, here at the antipodes to look for the weedy global players!

“in the industrialized western countries everybody talks about the globalisation of world trade,
Iriz-A-Maz want to show that plants already did it.
Outside everybody’s front door: the globalized urban vegetation.”

Weedy Tea served from 7.30pm
Presentation at 8pm

Monday 23 April at Sydney
302 Cleveland St
Surry Hills

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