on acknowledging flickr’s community

So the Database is back online, after being forced down from the webmaster of weeds.org because of copyright issues.
How funny that of all people the government is the one who complains about information being spread!

Nevertheless you obliged, took offline the contested material and replace it with copyright-free content.
Most of the material was already in your hand by now, having taking images of various “unwanted botanical species” in the past years.
But wherever your collection didn’t reach, and Wikispecies didn’t define, then the Creative Commons world of Flickr obliged.
So there you have it, thanks all of the contributors, in particular Tony and Steve who are the biggest contributors.
I would also like to acknowledge Olaf for corrections in the Passiflora suberosa page and Gabriela for a fantastic contribution to the Araujia sericifera page.


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