On All The Things You Never Write Down And You Going To Forget If You Don’t

Feedback and tassles of ethnobotanical knowledge for the database always come abundant.
Usually most of the information comes out of talking to people, little things here and there, that by now, you realized , if you don’t write down are going to be lost.
Through this project you are learning that popular knowledge is an elusive subject, most of the notions are spread around, people knowing separate pieces which need to be pieced together in order to achieve the bigger picture. Information also needs to be cross referenced and interpreted as well, as some details get distorted in folkloric tales.
So here you are writing down people knowledge in electronic and searchable format:

-Amity’s girlfriend uses Black Berry nightshade as a poultice for coldsores.
-Randall’s friend uses Cotton bushes for making paper. Apparently they collect the seed pods from farmer’s fields, macerate them and produce a High quality cartridge naturally white, the alkaloids of the plants self-bleaching the pulp, i.e. No ammonia in the process!
-Ika, a German friend of the Iris-A-Maz guys, used to collect Sweet Briars, eat the flesh of the seed pods and then use the seeds as a practical joke to fellow foragers by inserting them in their shirts. The fine hair in the pods irritate to no end!
-my mummy use to leave oxalis in pots as they act as water regulators, storing water in wet times to then release it when needed.
cobbler’s peg used in Africa for food and as a treatment for diarrohea, coughs, rheumatism and toothache.
-Dock is used to alleviate Stinging nettles irritation, and is said that wherever there is nettle, you’ll find dock!

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