On Dogs And The Human Need To Interfere

You are not allowed dogs in Bundanon.
It may seem to your readers that Dogs is a bit of a steer away from the usual subject of your posting.
You need to explain it.
Need to explain a time when some officials from an animal protection society came to your family farm.
They came, assessed and ordered -backing themselves with some legislation passed in after long lobbing of a particular group- to have all of the dogs living in the farm desexed.
That was Italy, 20 years ago.
My mother was outraged by the presumption of humans: “what if I say you need to desex all of your cousins because they might have too many children?”
Years later you found yourself ideologically supporting that argument. How can it happen that human in all of their presumptious quest to “save the planet” decide to obliterate a specie and condemn it to a reality of genetical malformation?

Starting with wolves, and perhaps other related canids, man shaped the dog to his own ends. For several thousand years they have been our companions, helpers and guardians. A dog, treated with a little kindness, will be your friend for life. How do we reward them? By condemning many to a life of pain or an early death due to various inherited diseases. Do we not owe them more than this?

Many diseases in the domestic dog are genetic in origin. So far, over five hundred genetic diseases have been identified in purebred dogs, and over a hundred in mixed breeds. They can affect conformation, health (virtually all systems in the body are subject), and temperament. In Scotties alone there are 36 identified genetic diseases, with similar numbers affecting each of several other terrier breeds.

Your dog is a mongrel, rescued from the pound.
Microchipped and desexed by order of legislation.
She will never have offspring.
She may well be one of the last generations of mongrels in this country.

Yes of course you know about the danger of wild dogs, cats and various other pets gone AWOL.
There is plenty of data out there using dollars factors to quantify the damage. Check the National Resource Management website for example.
You also are aware though, that the worst thing ever happened to the environment is monoculture, logging, mining and car driving.

About car driving alone – and not even starting to go into the damage caused by carbon monoxide- each year millions of animals are killed, orphaned or injured on our roads.
Affected species range from lizards, frogs, birds, kangaroos, wombat, possums and many more.

Entire local populations have been known to become extinct due to road kill.

Check this PDF for more informations or check sites like WIRES -Wildlife Information and Rescue Service.

…talking about presumption and blindfoldness of human being.
…or maybe you’re just too black and white…

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