on eating local food and reading far away blogs

You noticed an article on the Sydney Morning Herald inlet, Good Living, and found it quite amusing that you were just this week reading online about the same subject, the 100 Miles Diet.

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You came across it through browsing other’s people links, the journeying started with searching youtube for environment-related shorts (see previous posting) where you found a clip about the Wild Food Summit by Sunny Savage.
Sunny’s website, Wildfoodplants.com, is an extremely well constructed and thought-over online resource with the aim of “untaming our lives by incorporating wild foods into our modern-day diets”. Her writings introduced you to a whole movement in America and Canada, and now Australia, which try to reconnects people with the land around them.
As stated in the 100milediet.org:

The typical ingredient in a modern meal has traveled 1,500 miles or more from farm to plate. The 100 Miles Diet is a local eating experiment you can try for yourself, and a way to re-connect with the place you call home.

Stories abound on the internet about this “new” practice by people who try to counter-act the wrong we are doing to the environment, check this and this as a starter.
Interestingly though there is no mention in the SMH article about the plentifulness of food in the fields around us too. You’re not trying to say that Jane Moxon, the subject and dieter, should go foraging in the parks of Sydney, but a trip to an Hunter valley winery sure give plenty of chances of coming across some incredible delicatessen like wild fennel, dandelion, blackberries, african olives and more, You know it for a fact as you were there for the Sculpture in the vineyards projects!

Nevertheless the concept is very akin also to another movement, this time originated in Italy, SlowFood, the anti-fast food people, which you will explore in another posting.
Happy browsing!
Happy foraging.

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