on environmental footprints

From Sam Hofmann’s blog:

Politics aside – the questions for me was and still is : ‘How do cultures modify landscapes’ ; ‘How do we recognise ourselves in an increasingly globalised world?’ ; ‘ What is the ‘real’ Australia? . Quite a large question , but my increasing interest in Permaculture and the concept of guilds lead me into some interesting territory.
Guilds are the relationships that certain plants build with each other , say the classic Tomato and Basil ( which some people dispute) , or shade from grape vine allows plants underneath it shield from the summer sun . It made me think , doesn’t culture itself adapt to support another , or attack a foreign element similar to the way an eco-system. And if so , the food that we eat has such dire consequences for the land that we live on. How can we build guilds from culture itself? Especially when we have such an amazing resource of survival knowledge and sustainable living coming directly from migration. To demonstrate heres a little animation made on the concept of the Eco-footprint.

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