On Foraging Mulberries, Dock and Fennel

Joel Werner host a very interesting program on ABC Radio, Off Track.
It is always interesting to get to talk to a producer and/or host, as you can then understand better the selection of interviews and the range of topics they cover in their programs.

As he explained, he tries to leverage on perceptions and expectations. Far too often programs and speakers dealing with environmental issues -the classic sustainability cauldron, where everything and anything gets thrown in- tend to be dry (boring), evangelistic (preaching), and advocating for ‘golden solutions’ (absolutists)..

So it was great fun to spend the morning with Joel, strolling up the Wolli Creek, joyfully chatting, picking at plants and tasting them, on our way to check on a mulberry tree.
The resulting interview beams freshness, light and simplicity, exactly what ‘building new awareness’ should be all about>>

Listen on,
thanks Joel

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