On I don’t know about this IT businness, Thinking of going back to YOU

Blogging does something to your arguments, it gives you a platform unadulterated by difficult questions without the time to research the answers.
Somewhat blogging strengthens your topic by allowing a slow unfolding of ideas.
This is definitely true of the weedyconnection project and , in this case, blog.
The slow unfolding of concepts allowed me also to experiment in the delivery procedure.
Changing the writing subject is one of those experiment.
I started blogging in second person back in March, feeling that a different approach to the readers might change the intake of information, no longer the reader (you) was addressed by me (i) but was then addressed by him/herself (you) allowing hence a different approach, a more personalized one, an approach which would acknowledge the fact that I was not writing to and for myself (as in a diaristic style) but intrinsic in the discourse was the acknowledging of You, reader.

Recently I then started to toy with the idea of further depersonalizing the delivery of informations by adopting a third person approach, wanting to let the blog speak for itself, let the argument speak for itself.
Grammatically it turned out to be a rather thorny exercise, as you can tell in the most immediate postings.

I think one of the solutions in ortder to have this blog go beyond a display of disgruntled migrant rhetoric – building pseudo-argument in socio-ecology, is to enlarge its scope by inviting-in other writers. I have been actively doing so since its conception in November last year. No other speaker came in yet ( i, you and it are still always the same person, me) but different people expressed their interest, which is as good as it got to be at this stage.

The weedyconnection argument is a big and far spanning criticism of identity and eco-social sustainability.
The weedyconnection project, as I am living it, is a search of environmental identity, in a country of non-natives.
What I’m trying to do here is express my eagerness to acknowledge the environment, and my migrant place in it.
Captain Cook metaphorically releasing a Pigeon somewhat represent the colonialist drive of early settlement, when new occupants started to interact with the foreign ecosystem by bending it and adapting introduced agricultural concept. Captain Cook simbolically introducing new ecological and social standards.
I, on the other hand try to highlight what there is here in Australia, discovering environmental and cultural strenghts.
Drawing from a conglomerate of global ethno-botany and a global strive to a society of common ackonwledgment and respect, I express the universal respect for the environment.
But, anyway, back to YOU.

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