On June 26, August Weather

Yesterday, the Marking Day for July (see previous post) ended-up to have long periods of sun, after a copious rain in the early hours, while today, Marking Day for August is shaping like a drenching one.So the prediction is: July> showers at the start of the month then fine; August> rain for most of the month.
That said, it needs to post a comment on this weedyconnection project by Mayhem, a writer whose blog challenges perceptions on how language should work like, line after line she challenges english even more then it does with its bastardisation and pollution of it. It loves her blog! and it seems like she loves what it does too!!


In the weedy connection, he’s literally grabbing Antipoodean Allochthonic Aphasia By the roots and encourage punters to actually engage with the organic world around us.
firstly; to explain the pompous alliteration above…. anitpodean – refers to Australia’s suthern geography.
Allochthonic is about people who do not come from the soil on which they dwell: as opposed to authochthonic or indigenous people. In australia, koories are autochthonic, especially if they haven’t been removed from homelands. and blighty, dear blighty is the home of honkys, where pallid skin makes sense under limipid sunshine…..
Last weekend I went for a ramble in the bramble in the sunshine at hampstead heath – and felt my deep ancestral connection to the old dart ssing and soar as I looked around at the scrubby undergrowth and saw recognizable herbs and familiar green things all around…..
this rarely happens in Oztrayya. I’m acutely aware that as a 6th or 7th generation rural ozzie – that I was conditioned to be constantly fearful and dismissive of my rural surrounds. Grass as a uniform mass of brown – harbouring snakes and concealing cowshit.
this latter state; of not seeing where we are, of not knowing or sensing. Of being alienated fomr a sense of self or place or time, is APHASIA. DYSPHASIA is confusion, having the wrong sense, but APHASIA is having no sense at all. Presence and being is characterised by a complete ignorance and alienation from where or what we are.
so the weedy connection, encouraging people to locate, describe and discover the random organic growing matter around them – whether in bundanoon or marrickville – is sheer bloody genius. It encourage an immersion within landscape rather than an external representation over it.. oh, and so much more……

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