on october’s wheater or, on birthdays and kangaroos diets


This is the monthly post on the Marking Days, a year-long-weather-prediction system from far away lands.
June 28 2007 predicted the weather for October 07.

The day was “cloudy, with a few drops in the afternoon, over-all a bit warmer.”
So will be October in Sydney?

The predictions for this past September were for a cold and windy one.
What we got was a bit of everything, cold at times, rainy then windy then warm days.
This information-gathering project was done with no serious attempt at recording meteorological data, just informal observations.

That said, one thing went by which needed more consideration.
Is by now well over this blog first birthday, September 25, which you wanted to mark by re-posting a selection of past articles.. you can still do it, didn’t happen yet though.

Also you were down the south coast of nsw a couple of weeks ago, were the cabins in the national park were the feeding ground of kangaroos, rosella, kookabarras and tiny crabs.
Interseting how the roos allowed themselves 2pm feedings on the lawn of the cabin park, the grass was kikuyu, from tropical east Africa.
This crepuscular feeders (i.e. feed at dusk and dawn) are so accustomed to humans they thrive on well kept pastures.

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