On passing on someone elses writings

Working in Venice at the moment, assisting Cordeiro+Healy in their contribution to the Biennale.
In the occasional spare time you go around looking for ancient trees and secret gardens.
In the mean time this article was suggested by Lucas:

Becoming native to this large place
All around the countryside, growers of various nationalities have been working hard. Turkish, Italian, Somalian, Maltese, Vietnamese, Irish, and others, have weeded, fertilised, mulched, and staked. They have met each other queuing at nurseries. They have said to each other: “What are you putting in this year? I think I’ll try Romas …”

While politicians and commentators have been aroused by the contradictions and simplicities of the fire-cracker Aussie values debate, these people have working at a much deeper study of how to be native.

See the rest here.

By Terry Monagle

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