on pies and the lack of fingers

There’s going to be another tour tomorrow, two actually, at 12 and 1pm.
The WeedyConnection project is been invited as one of the artistic component for the Cook River Festival 2008, organized by the Marrickville Council.
Noticeable is that this festival is basically on the other shore of the Cook River from the Riverworks Festival of two weeks ago.
Here is the location of Marrickville’s one and Here is the location of Canterbury one.
The vegetation is pretty much the same, so the tour didn’t change much, if at all.
Download Here the Brochure and Here the Map.

So come along tomorrow:

Cooks River Sustainability & Arts Festival

Sunday 13 April, 11am – 4pm

Steel Park, Illawarra Road, Marrickville South

On another note, you went mushrooming again, SquatSpace, the collective you work with is getting very busy in preparation for the Biennale of Sydney, the BigFAGPress, the printing facility you managing with another group of people, is getting launched in mid May, EngageMedia keeps uploading films from SquatFest, the annual film festival you organize with the SquatSpace crew, your daughters are in holiday, you just finished setting-up a show at the Australian Museum about one of the most colonial anthropologists ever and you’re writing a grant proposal to get some funding to produce a booklet on weed foraging.
So, as the title went, not enough fingers for the pies you got your hands in..

see you tomorrow

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