On Predicting The Future- Ethnobotany for travellers


There’s a piece of ethnobotanical knowledge where it comes from, that farmers and land dwellers have been using for as long as is remembered.
According to the formula if you keep track of the weather in the last six and the first six days of the year you’ll be able to predict the weather for the following year.
In the northern hemisphere “i di ‘d marca” (piedmontese for the marking days) are from the 26 of December to the 6 of January: one day per month, 12 days, 12 months.
It thought that acknowledgement of the fact that winter here is now is needed, not Dec-Jan-Feb, so the Marking Days should be the last 6 of June and the first 6 of July.
Winter solstice just went (21st June).
As written before (in Italian), it is now time to assess if such earth-based device could work in the land on the other side.
Day after day it will record the weather, matching it with the respective month.
You never know, it may work out that its indigenous knowledge is not completely useless in this country of forgotten environmental links.
Today, 25th of June, marks the weather for the whole of July. It’s stormy. Not surprisingly so, though, the current moon came out in rain, and as they say where it comes from, if it rains for the first 5 days of the new moon, it will rain for the whole moon. But this is something else all together. Lets stick to the Marking Days for now
Lets sit and see, after whole, time is what earth has plenty of.

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